About project

The website «Youth — on the jobs of the future!»

For whom this website

if you

  • the student in grades 9-11 senior pupil
  • college student
  • student of a higher educational institution
  • treat the already working youth

you on this website will be interesting!

Parents also receive useful information. They will be able in a new format to discuss with the children their intentions and choice of profession and its possible change.

What information posted on the website

  • Information about new occupations and the ageing of the profession («professions-retirees»)
  • Information about soft and hard skills

You can try

  • You can take part in the online quizzes for the jobs of the future
  • The online quizzes are not competitive activities

This is a pilot version of the website!

We wish you a productive time!

You can ask questions and send emails with offers that will meet experts and consultants.
We invite you to send posts, quizzes, interesting facts, news, photos, videos, and other materials. They will be posted on the website.
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